What To Expect on Your Race

Cay Ewoldt here the owner of Sandhills River Trips.  Thought I would get out a brief overview of what to expect during your race experience.  The first 24 miles are wide open with a swift paced stream.  At mile 3.75 there is a low bridge to portage around.  It is a very easy portage on the north bank.  Once you get into the Thedford stretch, there are some branches and down trees in the river.  They are very easy to navigate and add a little more fun value to the race.  The first checkpoint will be on the east end of Thedford at the old Highway 83 bridge.  The river is very easy to navigate to the next checkpoint about 12 miles downstream.  The final 9 miles is where the race will make or break you.  There are a couple of areas the river gets shallow, wide, and slower.  You need to navigate the channel through this last section.  There are also three fences in this segment.  All are easy to navigate through.  We did some moderate paddling and had to drag our kayaks 3 times in this segment.  It took us 2.5 hours to complete.  The kayaks we were using were vipers on this trek.

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