Paint the Byway

October is Art and Humanities month on the byway.  The communities of Ashby, Mullen, and Alliance are hosting a very special event called Paint the Byway.

Each community is hosting a canvas painting party on October 13th. Stop in to one or all three locations to paint a pre-designed canvas.  Each location is instructing participants to paint a single design.  If you stop by and paint at all three locations you will go home with a triptych.  A triptych is one canvas that stands alone but added to other paintings makes a congruent three piece art installation.

Canvas painting is led by an art director.  Each canvas is $15.  Painting sessions are on Saturday, 9 am – 11 am and starting at 3 pm.  Painting locations are Steph’s Studio in Alliance, Mullen Arts Center in Mullen and Calinda’s Pot Shop & Art Gallery in Ashby.

Paint the Sunflower in Alliance, Wild Rose in Ashby, and the Soapweed in Mullen

In addition to Saturday activities each community has some addition activities that turn your Saturday fun into a weekend of fun.

Steph’s Studio – 308-762-7655:  Friday artist stop in for specials
Mullen Art Center – 308-546-7016: Friday artist showcase, Saturday canvas painting with entertainment and wine tastings 5 – 7 pm
Calinda’s– 308-458-8051: Several artists on display Friday and Saturday including fabric art by Suzan, western frames and deco by Rod Boots, handmade cards by Nancy Price.  Live music on Saturday evening.

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