Grand Island

Cornhusker Wildlife Area

4 miles west of U.S. Highway 281 and Old Potash Highway, 1/2 mile south on country road., Grand Island, NE

Mormon Island State Recreation Area

Interchange I-80 Exit 312, Grand Island, NE

Andrew M. Hargis House

1109 West Second Street, Grand Island, NE

Built in 1898, the Andrew M. Hargis House is a fine example of the Queen Anne style and also incorporates Neo-Classical Revival detailing in its design.

Heinrich Gies House

Grand Island, NE

The Gies House had several stages of construction from 1963 to 1877.

Hotel Yancey

123 North Locust Street, Grand Island, NE

Named for its proprietor, William L. Yancey, the hotel was begun in April 1917.

La Grande Isle Historical Marker

Stolley Park, Grand Island, NE


Lee Huff Apartment Complex

213-215-1/2 South Walnut Street, 324 West Koenig, and 316-318-1/2 West Koenig, Grand Island, NE

The Lee Huff apartment Complex is an excellent example of a multiple-dwelling complex that incorporates both an apartment building and two flats.


Grand Island, NE

In 1870 German settlers met to organize a German singing society or “Liederkranz” to provide musical and social entertainment and to cultivate the members’ musical talents.

Pioneer Park Historical Marker

US 30 , Grand Island, NE


Roeser-Gartner House

721 West Koenig Street, Grand Island, NE

Also known as the Oscar Roeser House, it was built in 1908 by Henry H. Falldorf following the plans of architect Thomas Rogers Kimball.

Sandhill Cranes Historical Marker

U.S. 34/U.S. 281 and Platte River Road, in between Grand Island and Doniphan, Grand Island, NE


The O.K. Store Historical Marker

Fonner Park, Grand Island, NE


The Old Fort Kearny (Nebraska City) Road Historical Marker

U.S. 34/U.S. 281 west of Doniphan, Grand Island, NE


Townsley-Murdock Immigrant Trail Site

Grand Island, NE

The Townsley-Murdock Immigrant Trail Site has Euro American and Native American components.

William Stolley Homestead and Site of Fort Independence

Grand Island, NE

William Stolley was one of a small band of German immigrants who came to the central Platte Valley of Nebraska Territory in 1857.

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