First Custer County Courthouse

LOCATION Pacific Street and Cameron Avenue
CITY Callaway, NE

Custer County was organized in 1877 when the governor designated the county seat to be located on the Milo Young ranch, which was in the southwest part of the county. The first courthouse was a log building on the ranch that was constructed the previous year. The log building on the ranch that was sparsely populated county in the early settlement years, but with increased settlement came an interest in a more centrally located county geographic center, won the county seat contest. The first Custer county courthouse continued to be used as a house for the Young family for years but by 1933 was in disrepair and abandoned. Residents of Callaway worked to preserve the old courthouse. Led by civic organizations, they secured approval from Milo Young’s heirs in 1933 to move, rehabilitate, preserve, and reuse the log building. It is currently a museum.


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