Hunting And Fishing

Hunting & Fishing Along the Byway

A wide variety of hunting and trapping is available in Nebraska. Permits for hunting in Nebraska can be obtained at and in 2006 the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission established new, 2-day permits for nonresidents. Residents do not need a permit to hunt some mammals such as coyotes, but nonresidents must have a hunting permit. Two-day permits are available at

About 180,000 acres of private land enrolled in the deferral Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) are open to public walk-in hunting through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Conservation Reserve Program – Management Access Program. Some of these CRP acres are located along the Byway. An atlas detailing CRP-MAP sites is available from Commission offices, permit agents and online at  Permission of the landowner is required to hunt on private  lands.

State wayside areas, hatcheries and reserves, and state and federal refuges, unless otherwise posted, are closed to hunting. Hunting from any roadway or highway, including the right-of-way, is not allowed. Not only is shooting from a road illegal, it is unsafe. Nebraska Game and Parks reports that one-eighth of all hunting-related accidents reported in Nebraska involve both a gun and a vehicle. The Byway organization joins others in reporting game violations that they witness to Nebraska Wildlife Crime Stoppers at 1-800-742-7627.

For hunting and fishing locations in specific areas, please see the community pages.

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