Sweetwater Mill Bridge

CITY Sweetwater, NE

In November 1908, the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors adopted bridge plans prepared by the Standard Bridge Cjompany as the county standards. The board awarded an annual bridge construction contract to the Omaha-based firm throughout 1909. Among the structures ordered in May was this eighty-foot pinned pny truss over Mud Creek in Beaver Township. Located at the Sweetwater Mill near the county’s northern edge, the truss replaced an earlier bridge at this location, using the existing stringer approaches on both sides of the channel span in conjunction with new H-shaped steel pile bent supports for the truss.┬áStandard completed the bridge later in 1909, using steel components rolled by Illinois Steel Company. Although the pinned pony truss of the Sweetwater Bridge is unremarkable as a typical example of a relatively common structural type, the bridge is significant as one of the earliest and best preserved examples remaing in the state of an original Standard Bridge Company build-up H-pile substructure.

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