Lee Huff Apartment Complex

LOCATION 213-215-1/2 South Walnut Street, 324 West Koenig, and 316-318-1/2 West Koenig
CITY Grand Island, NE

The Lee Huff A[artment Complex is an excellent example of a multiple-dwelling complex that incorporates both an apartment building (constructed in 1928) and two flats (constructed in 1920-21). Apartment buildings and flats were popular forms of muti-familyhousing during the twentieth century. These apartments/flats were ubiquitous propery types in large urban centers such as Omaha (pop. 191,600-1920 and 214,000-1930), but rare for a community the size of Grand Island (pop. 14,000-1920 and 18,000 1930) in the 1920s.

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