Broken Bow

Arrow Hotel

509 South Ninth Street, Broken Bow, NE

Built in 1928, immediately became the social center for Broken Bow and the surrounding area.


Broken Bow Carnegie Library

255 South Tenth Sreet, Broken Bow, NE

The Broken Bow Ladies Library Association began collecting books for a public Library.

Broken Bow Commercial Square Historic District

Broken Bow, NE

Commercial growth in Broken Bow centered on the public square.

Custer County Courthouse and Jail

Broken Bow, NE

Built in 1911-12 and in 1914 respectively.

Custer County Historical Museum

PO Box 334, Broken Bow, NE


Security State Bank Building

403 South Ninth Street, Broken Bow, NE

A simplified version of the Renaissance Revival Style.

Broken Bow Historical Marker

At the Custer County Court House, on the north side of Nebraska Highway 2, Broken Bow, NE


Custer County’s First Courthouse

In Custer County, Broken Bow, NE


The Nebraska State Grange

Along Highway 2 northwest of Broken Bow, Broken Bow, NE


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