St. Anselms Catholic Church, Rectory and Parish Hall

CITY Anselmo, NE

St. Anselm’s Catholic Church, Rectury, and Parish Hall are three architecturally significant buildings. The three buildings together illustrate the importance of religion to the Cathoic community in and around Anselmo, both through the scale and elaboration of their design and the care with which they have benn preserved. These buildings were not built without effort and sacrifice on the part of the commlunity. Also known as the Cathedral of the Sandhills, the church itself is a striking example of the Late Gothic Revival style, featuring Tudor ached doors and window openings with Gothic windows within. The rectory is an elegantly build Craftsman style house with just enough elements of the Gothic styles from the church adjacent to indicate that they are a matched set. The parish hall, once the church, was a lovely example of a hall form church of no particular style. A bit of elaboration had been added to the building though the addition of fish scale shingles under the gable on the front facade and the arched entry above the door, however, the building was always simple and its form followed its function.

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