Dry Valley Church and Cemetery

LOCATION 19 miles north west of Mullen
CITY Mullen, NE

Travel 15 miles north of Mullen on Highway 97 and then three miles west to find the Dry Valley Church. In the early 1990s, the Nebraska Sandhills were still in the early stages of settlement. Some areas were without stores, restaurants, or hotels. Yet, one facet of civilization that many Sandhills residents missed were churches. The people in Curlew, Nebraska (located about 20 miles north of Mullen) had made due with traveling ministers that held tent meetings but they wanted a church of their own. Robert Boyer gave land in Dry Valley for a church and a community cemetery. Teddy Carr was the first buried there, before the church was even built. Dry Valley is a very unique and interesting cemetery. There is an eclectic blend of old and new tombstones that give the cemetery a timeless feel. Approximately 81 people are buried there and it is still used today. The last person buried there was Andrew Kravcisin on October 3, 1998. The original pews, organ, lectern, and hymnals make this a special stop for the history buff. The church is still used for annual Christmas and Memorial Day programs. The area people put together these programs and they are well attended. During the Memorial Day service, someone usually plays “Taps” outside. It is an amazing feeling to hear it echo off of the surrounding hills. Funeral services are also held in Dry Valley Church, along with the occasional wedding. The church can be visited by appointment by calling Pat Bridges at 308-546-2314.

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