Acknowledgements Given and Received

Mullen – The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway (SJSB) held their first physical monthly meeting in three months, at the Mullen Art Center on June 10. Members were also able to Zoom in, which they did from Cairo and Broken Bow. Those present came from Hyannis, Thedford, and Dunning as well as hostess, Twila Phillips from Mullen.

During the meeting, a motion to officially adopt the revision of the SJSB CMP (Corridor Management Plan) was made, seconded and approved. Beverly Kellison, State Byway Coordinator for the NDOT (Nebraska Dept. of Transportation) zoomed in via phone to congratulate the SJSB on their successful submission to her of the application to become Nebraska’s first National Scenic Byway. She commended the hard work done by the committee in the four-month time frame they had to complete the process.
Prior to sending it on to the Federal Highway Administration, she had others help review and make recommendations for correcting, assuring the application was the best it could be.

While Kellison was on the phone, Terri Licking, president of the SJSB awarded Twila Phillips a gift of appreciation for overseeing tasks needed for completion and submitting the application, all which was done online, and which included the revised CMP, over 220 pages. “This would not have been successful without the due diligence Twila did. She went above and beyond her duties as our secretary,“ stated Licking. Phillips received a ceramic wine koozie in Husker red (her favorite team) which was made by
Linda Lacy of Ashby from her CaLinda’s Pot Shop and Art Gallery. In the koozie was a signature bottle of wine from the now defunct, Cedar Hills Vineyard, Ravenna, that closed its doors earlier this year. Cedar Hills was the only vineyard on the SJSB.

Twila Phillips and Terri Licking

After the meeting, at the Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental, Licking acknowledged the graciousness of owners, Mitch and Patty Glidden, organizers of the Polar Bear Tank Race which had its 13th year the first weekend in March, prior to the Corvid-19 shut down. Gliddens gifted the SJSB with $7500 after all expenses. “From the first one, the Gliddens made the tank race the Byway’s major fundraiser. It is safe to say, these past 13 years, our marketing and promotion efforts saw an influx of over $60,000 from Mitch and Patty.” For their generosity and efforts, the Polar Bear Tank Race was awarded the Byway Enhancement Award at the annual SJSB meeting which was held in January this year.

Terri Licking with Patty and Mitch Glidden

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